Hi there. Welcome to my site. Here you can get to know all about me, my personal story and projects I have been and am involved with. I share my experiences here with you about my sovereign life and sovereign existence.  Through my sharing, I invite you to take cue and inspiration to exploring your own multifaceted and multidimensional aspects of being human.

My Story

Welcome to my inner world, my intimate experiences, my life: an open-book.

I have as far as I can remember been a sovereign being with the idea that learning and education is a sovereign activity. I have never been someone who fits any mould and believe in a human’s sovereign rights to self determination and self-learning.

My life story is a representation of the truths I espouse and live true to.


  • Founder of Deutsche Consultants (first private¬† education consulting company to bring new education opportunities to Indian students wanting to study abroad)
  • Founder of Aeroknights Aviation
  • Founder of Helicop Aviation (Trained India’s first 100 helicopter pilots)
  • Founder of Deutsche Insurance (The first of its kind student health insurance portal)
  • Bitcoin Early Adopter & Pioneer
  • First CBDC Expert and Evangelist
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • First to take Blockchain to Pacific Governments
  • Prolific Traveler
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  • Speaker
  • Alternate Medicine Advocate
  • BFI International Ambassador
  • Ex. Cultural Ambassador and Honorary Consul of Spain to Ubud





Yes I

The bull travels to unravel his past life associations. Hawaii is one of em and the Bull had past life karma there. Still in awe of the experience especially with The Winstons and The Wilcoxes. The bull had a dream to see Hawaiian royalty and life got him to be with Darcy Wilcox who is …


This life has been nothing short of magicness to still be living ,breathing,freedom to move, countless blessings from loved ones. His being and mission on earth is to spread love and joy to all who pass his way or to those he comes. Today its been exactly 2 years when the entities came and wanted …


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