Hi there. Welcome to my site. Here you can get to know all about me, my personal story and projects I have been and am involved with. I share my experiences here with you about my sovereign life and sovereign existence.  Through my sharing, I invite you to take cue and inspiration to exploring your own multifaceted and multidimensional aspects of being human.

My Story

Welcome to my inner world, my intimate experiences, my life: an open-book.

I have as far as I can remember been a sovereign being with the idea that learning and education is a sovereign activity. I have never been someone who fits any mould and believe in a human’s sovereign rights to self determination and self-learning.

My life story is a representation of the truths I espouse and live true to.


  • Founder of Deutsche Consultants (first private¬† education consulting company to bring new education opportunities to Indian students wanting to study abroad)
  • Founder of Aeroknights Aviation
  • Founder of Helicop Aviation (Trained India’s first 100 helicopter pilots)
  • Founder of Deutsche Insurance (The first of its kind student health insurance portal)
  • Bitcoin Early Adopter & Pioneer
  • First CBDC Expert and Evangelist
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • First to take Blockchain to Pacific Governments
  • Prolific Traveler
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  • Speaker
  • Alternate Medicine Advocate
  • BFI International Ambassador
  • Ex. Cultural Ambassador and Honorary Consul of Spain to Ubud





Monday Morning Blues

There was a time when he would go all over the planet with setting up flying school contracts ,airbus n Boeing simulator trainings and leasing Choppers n jets n airbuses. His company helicopaviation help trained Indias first 100 helicopter pilots Helicop Aviation with Hawaii based helicopter company Mauna Loa Helicopters until the day he discovered …


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