Hi there. Welcome to my site. Here you can get to know all about me, my personal story and projects I have been and am involved with. I share my experiences here with you about my sovereign life and sovereign existence.  Through my sharing, I invite you to take cue and inspiration to exploring your own multifaceted and multidimensional aspects of being human.

My Story

Welcome to my inner world, my intimate experiences, my life: an open-book.

I have as far as I can remember been a sovereign being with the idea that learning and education is a sovereign activity. I have never been someone who fits any mould and believe in a human’s sovereign rights to self determination and self-learning.

My life story is a representation of the truths I espouse and live true to.


  • Founder of Deutsche Consultants (first private¬† education consulting company to bring new education opportunities to Indian students wanting to study abroad)
  • Founder of Aeroknights Aviation
  • Founder of Helicop Aviation (Trained India’s first 100 helicopter pilots)
  • Founder of Deutsche Insurance (The first of its kind student health insurance portal)
  • Bitcoin Early Adopter & Pioneer
  • First CBDC Expert and Evangelist : The Palau-Ripple CBDC Project
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • First to take Blockchain to Pacific Governments
  • Prolific Traveler
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  • Speaker
  • Alternate Medicine Advocate
  • BFI International Ambassador
  • Ex. Cultural Ambassador, Friend/Confidant and Advisor to the Honorary Consul of Spain.
  • Founder, Chief Advisor and Connector of the Palau Digital ID Project for Digital Residency.
  • ADVISOR with SEQUA, a GIZ initiative for Ethiopia.





Bengali Baul’s Phone

The phone finally had it burial in Tiruvannamalai pond as per findmyphone and police sources. Earlier this year It disappeared in the island of Kauai and came back after 7 days. Witness Gregg Winston It disappeared in Thailand and came back. Witness Clive Webb Then it disappeared in Rishikesh, India and came back. Witness is …


Kalki-Nostradamus (a French Prophet) calls him as Immortal Ruler. As per his predictions, whose more than 85% predictions came true, has predicted that so called Immortal ruler will come by 2022 – 2025, probably after beginning of WWIII. As per Nostradamus, Ruler will take birth in South India. Have been following Nostradamus since the age …


Decade of Goa-Bali-Hawaii All he did was just get high Chasing rhinos in the sky Finally in Tiruvannamalai Diamond head Sayan and Carona town Best of the best u wear that crown At the end same story round and round Tiru is where he hit the ground He learnt to fly before he could drive …


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