In 2008, a whitepaper by Satoshi Nakomoto (a pseudonym for an anonymous person or group of persons) about financial peer-to-peer transactions laid the foundation for an alternate system and way of doing things through blockchain technology. This also lead to the establishment of cryptocurrencies and the crypto-ecosystem. More than a decade later now, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become ubiquitous and the use cases keep expanding. There have been many pioneers of this field along the way that have changed, disrupted and leveled the playing field. One such person involved from the early days of the revolution is Tridib Nandy.

Tridib Nandy who is a serial entrepreneur has been involved with Education, Aviation, Insurance and Blockchain. While on sabbatical in Hawaii in 2011, he came across Bitcoin, when he had an epiphany that this was the future of things to come. He has since embarked on the crypto journey and never looked back. As part of his foray into the field of crypto, Tridib has been involved with educating pacific nation governments with the support of the Bancor protocol on Central Banking Digital Currencies and Governance frameworks using blockchain technologies.

Tridib has been part of various think tanks in silicon valley and governments. He is a member international ambassador of block-chain foundation of India. He was invited in 2013 as keynote speaker at the Blockchain Foundation of India and is part of the organizing committee for the 2021 blockchain conference to happen in Goa, India. Tridib is currently founder to DeFi Bull Fund, a crypto-mutual-fund which tried to simplify and demystify investing in crypto assets for lay people. The other project is the Musiverse project which is about taking the power out of the hand of middlemen and putting it back into the hands of the musician in order that they can genuinely benefit and get value for their talent and efforts.

DeFi Bull Fund is a one of its kind DeFi Crypto-Mutual-Fund which invests in the top forty DeFi cryptos and NFTs through the BRC (Bull Run Coin) Token which is currently listed on the Binance Smart Chain. The value of the BRC is pegged to the value of these crypto assets which when appreciate or depreciate, will determine the value of the token. Investors can hence track the performance of their investment through the value of the BRC. Investors may purchase the token directly on the defibullfund website through the integrated wallet and keep a tab of their investment on their individualized dashboards.

One can invest in the fund by buying the BRC either using crypto or fiat. The BRC is freely interchangeable with other cryptos. Clients will be issued with Visa cards to be able to make purchases/transact using their crypto-balances. The BRC will be the primary way of staking, trading and to use for governance. The fund is working at attracting HNIs, Institutional investors and Sovereign Government Dollar Bond type investments. The aim of the fund is to achieve 10x, 20x and even up to 100x appreciation in their investments. To this end the fund will use a mix of strategies such algorithmic day trading, paper trading, long positions, investment in upcoming NFTs and tokens, which are essentially market neutral or low risk strategies.

By leveraging the advantage offered by the latest Blockchain technologies, the fund is able to produce an integrated trading platform that is effective, yet simple to manage. The platform provides a frictionless interface between all major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and is compliant with Binance Smart Chain, and a plethora of other next generation DeFi platforms and exchanges. DeFi Bull fund is positioned in the market with the technological capacity to process new investment opportunities in the NFT market. The services of the fund, offer great value for money, with reasonable returns on investment.

The fund operates on a simple pricing policy. It takes only a percentage of the profits the investor makes. There are no charges for investing, or withdrawing funds from the fund.

The Bullrun fund will act as a key aid in providing statistical evidence of the investment potential and stability of the Crypto and NFT markets. Through accountability it aims to produce accurate data analysis of real trade figures that will be used to justify its partnership programs and services to governments and high ranking institutions.

It is our belief that this will open a window of opportunity for the easing of government debts and the threat of economic crisis. Through the adoption of crypto systems we can produce strongholds of value, rooted in the produces and produce of a nations capital wealth. This may include sovereign wealth safehouses, physical assets NFT’s, but is also applicable to intellectual capital. By forging a foundation based on these values, ledgered and qualified through Blockchain and other Crypto technologies, DeFi Bull Fund aims to protect the sovereign wealth of nations from cumbersome debt programs that stifle a countries potential for growth.

The BRC currently has over a billion shares available. For the initial offering the plan is to release only 1 million of these, that will allow a provision of a detailed document of evidence, that proves the validity of the new technology and the capabilities of the DeFi Bull Fund team to produce a yield for its investors. The majority of the remaining coins will be available for Sovereign wealth Funds, HNIs, Institutional funds, once viability is established.

The BRC will be traded on both NFT and cryptocurrency markets. The prediction is that a time scale of about 6 to 9 months will see up to a 10x on investments. This value may be much greater, depending upon how the crypto markets develop over the next year. With the advent of NFT and the advances in technology moving at a faster and faster rate, it could be that we see another great opportunity for the Bull to Run. Data gathered from the investment potential of the December 2020 cryptocurrency bullrun clearly shows that 100x is possible. Whilst no guarantee is being made as to what will happen in the markets, one can say that the fund is ready to take the bull by the horns, acting swiftly and sure-footedly as it boldly makes its mark upon the major crypto exchanges.

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