Dollar is Doom; Bull is Boom

Tridib Nandy in 2011, when on sabbatical in Hawaii, became acquainted with the fractional reserve concept which basically is about the Federal Reserve of the United States being given a free hand in printing US dollar currency. This process is in the global scheme of things simply a disaster as the ripple effect on economies is apparent and observable. During his time in Hawaii, he also spent time with Dayne Aleka Gonsalves, of Kekaha, also known as Alii Nui (king) Aleka Aipoalani of the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi. While learning their general and cultural history he became acquainted with how the American dollar and imperialist practices of the settlers had ruined the local economy and way of life. Tridib then set upon a journey of trying to bring back economic sovereignity to the polynesian people and indigenous people around the world.

The Great Reset is around the corner, so we better get prepared. The buzz word of late is about the reset. So what is the great reset? Throughout history, during world changing events the powers that be have engineered financial coups that have benefited select elites to the detriment of the greater many. Whether during the French revolution, he depression of 1933, the breton-woods agends of post world war 2, and now the global covid pandemic, monetary currency has lost value because of surreptitious manipulation by faceless bureaucrats, royals and elites.

The World Economic Forum for example is putting out statements like “you won’t own anything and you will be happy”. Larry Fink the founder and CEO of black rock says “It’s time for a reset on capitalism”. The Lincoln Financial Group states “ The new normal is an opportunity for the great reset”.

The IMF has released a new currency called the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) which is poised to replace the dollar. The USD will lose 31% of its value and all the retirement savings and pension funds of hard working people will be worth nothing!

What does it mean for the vast majority of us and what do we need to do about it? We need to insulate ourselves by decentralizing our wealth for one and get out of central planners’ grips. This is about putting one’s wealth into assets that are free of governmental control. To this effect we invite you our viewers to invest in the Bull Run Coin Token which is the perfect decentralized crypto asset that will save you the heartache and the misery of the great reset.

So, while the dollar goes down, the bull run coin will ensure that you don’t lose your hard earned wealth and you can hedge your prosperity off this one token which will invest in all the major upcoming DeFi Coins, Tokens and NFTs. Defi Bull Fund will be backed by Bitcoin and Sovereign Money Bond type investments which will ensure stability and endurance of the fund and its returns to investors.

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