This life has been nothing short of magicness to still be living ,breathing,freedom to move, countless blessings from loved ones.
His being and mission on earth is to spread love and joy to all who pass his way or to those he comes.

Today its been exactly 2 years when the entities came and wanted to put thirdeyebull behind iron curtains for 2 decades but bengali baba harnessed the powers from the divine with his beloved beings and put an end to the tyranny with truth,love,prayers and inception which left everyone surprised in the system. With meditation,yoga and prayers Thirdeyebull went into the dream time of the so called excellency of the wrecked systems and made do the impossible in the history of the country.

The goddess came and sat on the tongue and she made the impossible verdict.

Thirdeyebull has always been the guided and shown the path and he will now exercise this power and share this with all who comes his way.

But be honest with yourself and know what you want from life and just whisper it to Nandy and the bull will send the message to Shiva. When it comes from the heart the message will be guided by the third eye and sent to the lord of thirdeye “Shiva”.

Rest are all Siddhis and Worldly tricks which the bull has been pulling off but now with higher purpose.



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