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The bull travels to unravel his past life associations. Hawaii is one of em and the Bull had past life karma there. Still in awe of the experience especially with The Winstons and The Wilcoxes.

The bull had a dream to see Hawaiian royalty and life got him to be with Darcy Wilcox who is the heiress to the Wilcox empire( courtesy Murari who was thirdeyebull chief IT guy a decade ago.

The bull serenaded her with his music and vibes and soon had a raunchy rendezvous.

She loved him but the bull loved her being a Wilcox and got to live the missionary royalty life.

The bull has this magic to charm and get into anyone’s heart and he has done it before with people who are famous names on this planet.

Those who can show the bull uncharted territories of adventure and fun he will bless them with bliss.

A very short brief stint cause the bull can get anything but can he keep it no…..he is a rolling stone…..and he knows everything becomes stale for him. Most logical people would say he is mad to leave the paradise and come back to India especially being in with The Wilcoxes but once he has climbed the peak he looks for the next peak to climb. Its his journey in life.

And you know while climbing one peak to another you have to live quiet a few deaths and go down to the depths of Valleys. This has been the journey of thirdeyebull life which he will share before he commits digital suicide and go to the world of telepathy.

Just for everyone ones information “The Bull” was an advocate of Bitcoin and decentralization back from 2010.

He thought that if even 1 percent of the entire black money goes to this alternative class it would rise infinitely and it was a no-brainer.

At one point he was managing over 1 billion in Assets worth in today value.

Google Tridib Nandy and bitcoin and you will know more!

He has helped 100s of people become millionaires with his investment tips.

Since 2020

Wilcox family is one of the owners of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay and manages the Zuckerberg Estate and are close to Mr.Z.

Mark Zuckerberg lives on the island of Kauai and Zuckerberg foundation is run by the Wilcox family.

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