The Bull will Strike Again

Resting from 9 month globetrotting adventure to come n do his works in motherland cause this promise was made in his life and death trail in Kalalao valley where he was given another life n chance to full fill the prophecy laid on him.

The bull had said good bye to the world, said his last prayers while hanging on the cliff with a 800 ft drop straight into the pacific ocean.
If the fall to the rocks wont kill him, the waves would n if not the waves the sharks for sure.

He said his final good bye to the world and as he was about to loose his grip n fall into ocean to be eaten by sharks but then came the hand of god which made him sign a deal with God to send him packing to the Djinn city And motherland to finish his karmic dues.

There was no reason for bull to go back.

He is facing a 20 year jail term for 4 blotters which he didn’t even have n this case was a final straw to make his mission of sovereignty a dream project for his fellow human beings.
He got out by programing into the dream time of the judge.

He was living in Hanalei bay with the Wilcoxes and moved in with Wilcoxes’ daughter who opened her house and heart waking up to the majestic beach life of Hanalaei bay home ‘n in the island of Kauai which is home to Facebook owner mark Zuckerberg himself and stones throw from Thirdeye’s landed pad there..

Zuckerberg lives in the island of Kauai ‘n his team literally programs your waking time in our generation. A story which Thirdeye will share in the next post.

But once Thirdeye makes a deal with the spirit he never turns back ‘n so he left Kauai with a heavy heart to continue his mission in India and will finish this story by October 2023.

If someone can its Thirdeye.

What can u do with a man who has left all barriers of fear behind him, broken all rules for a man enslaved in old dogmas n rules of prehistoric out dated laws 100s of year old which don’t serve humanity anymore.
Yes he is dangerous to the society ‘n is infectious and he will keep rolling on.

He is slowly coming back to earth from 20k mics of luciness which helped him complete the Kalalao trail to see what heaven looks life after death only to be picked up by a helicopter cause Thirdeye is not yet destined to live naked on the beach with angels of paradise eating the ecstatic fruits from the garden of Eden.

‘Live wild, adventurous, dangerous ; then boredom cannot exist. The new man will live dangerously, like wild animals,like trees in a forest , not as trees in a British garden.
One should be also a little raw, a little wild , ready to live in insecurity, ready to risk , always ready to take the challenge of the dangerous.
Then life is every moment an ecstasy and boredom disappears.


Surfers’ Paradise Bay

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