Tridib and the NFT revolution

Tridib Nandy is a multifaceted and multi-talented individual, musician par excellence, serial entrepreneur and disruptive (blockchain) tech-preneur. Having come full circle, he’s decided to invest his efforts and energy in solving an issue that has been close to his heart as long as he can remember. As an active and integral member of the musician community, having been associated with and played with leading names in the industry, Tridib has seen firsthand how musicians often don’t get what they deserve for their efforts and talent. Musicians are exploited by recording companies and middleman and don’t see tangible returns on their efforts. Tridib is finally deciding to do something about this. His solution- NFTs.

Tridib has founded the musiverse initiative along with Colin Power, another brilliant tech talent and m usician, to bring the power back into the hands of aspiring as well as well known musicians. Musiverse is a block-chain platform (first of its kind) that will enable musicians to list their work and earn directly from the contribution and investment of fans and well wishers. In a sense each artist will own their own record label and all earnings will go directly to them, hence cutting out the middleman. Fans can also stake their funds either as investors or supporters, own the work of the artist, and choose to earn a return on their investment. The whole process will be dealt with through the creation of asset specific NFTs which will be handled and managed through the Musiverse Platform.

To expound a little more, Musiverse is the world’s first music app to be powered by blockchain technology. One can listen to music anytime, anywhere without interruptions from annoying advertisements. You can invest in the artist you love, show your support and help them grow. You can trade your music rights portfolio through the Musiverse dedicated music exchange, and make money.

The app is simple to use and allows one to listen to the music they love from any internet connected device. The app is currently in beta stage development and can be downloaded for trial through registration as a beta tester.

Don’t just buy music, invest in it. Musiverse’s specially designed digital trading platform means that you can buy into the songs, albums and artist you want to support. Musiverse utilizes blockchain technology in order to validate transactions, without any hidden fees. These are transacted within the Musiverse using a special coin, ‘the Muso’, which will also be traded on major exchanges such as Binance.

Pre-purchase of coins can be done using PayPal, Bank transfer, or through reputable crypto wallet accounts.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology means transactions can be authenticated without the need of a third party. This means you can now build your investment portfolio through direct transactions with the artist. Better still you will be able to sell your investment at any point and claim the return. This means you become part of the ‘virtual record’ company that is supporting the manufacture and production of the artist. By pooling capital, that artist creates the liquidity needed to generate more music, which in turn holds the potential to increase the value of any investment you hold.

Transforming the way you interact with crypto markets, the Musiverse music app is fully integrated to a specially designed crypto trading platform. This allows you to easily buy, sell, gift and swap items in your portfolio with other Musiverse members in a completely frictionless way. The ‘Muso’ is a special token design to help facilitate this and will be listed on the top exchanges. Ride the wave of the crypto exchange whilst listening to your favourite music. Invest in the music you love and build your crypto portfolio.

The musician community of the Musiverse is the force that powers the app. The Musiverse blockchain based technology, offers an interface for musicians to be able to maintain greater control over the music they create. By registering and claiming ownership over an NFT (non-fungible token), musicians are able to determine the number of shares and cost that are available for fans and investors to purchase. The artist retains ownership at their discretion, and also hold a specified number of shares. Now you can become your own record company, with funds raised from your fanbase, powered by blockchain technology.

As fans and investors purchase shares in a song or album, so liquidity is generated that is directly available to the artist. This enables the artist to create more work, increasing their overall value, and delivering a new set of songs that can be enjoyed my millions of people. When you think about it, the real value here is coming from the mind and talents of the musician, which generates the value. That is why the Musiverse is powered by musicians: For musicians, by musicians and of musicians.

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