Bengali Baul’s Phone

The phone finally had it burial in Tiruvannamalai pond as per findmyphone and police sources.

Earlier this year It disappeared in the island of Kauai and came back after 7 days.
Witness Gregg Winston

It disappeared in Thailand and came back. Witness Clive Webb

Then it disappeared in Rishikesh, India and came back. Witness is my own dad and he couldn’t believe that a phone could disappear and reappear on its own.


Finally it had its perfect burial in Tiruvanamalai on the way to visit Kuber Linga who supposedly is god of wealth.

He showed me true wealth by taking the phone.
Happiness is true wealth and at least can say am happy and smiling and life is simple and easy.

Will go and get neuralinked when back in the bay and solve this problem forever or maybe keep it real by being minimal.

Its all good. No money No honey. At least I will not get diabetes 😂


Lord Kuber stole money from the devil’s wild child. Now God is indebted.


Earlier this year Bablow was given a beach house in Hanalei bay n his only job was to teach ukulele to the grand son of Wilcox family n do yoga n play piano with the mom.
The family laid red carpet for thirdeyebull but he motto is that even if u have the best he looks for better.

Wilcox family owns Hawaii like Adanis own India.


Couldn’t stay there also.

A Bengali Baul who is bought up in Delhi

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