Bengali Baul’s Phone

The phone finally had it burial in Tiruvannamalai pond as per findmyphone and police sources.

Earlier this year It disappeared in the island of Kauai and came back after 7 days.
Witness Gregg Winston

It disappeared in Thailand and came back. Witness Clive Webb

Then it disappeared in Rishikesh, India and came back. Witness is my own dad and he couldn’t believe that a phone could disappear and reappear on its own.


Finally it had its perfect burial in Tiruvanamalai on the way to visit Kuber Linga who supposedly is god of wealth.

He showed me true wealth by taking the phone.
Happiness is true wealth and at least can say am happy and smiling and life is simple and easy.

Will go and get neuralinked when back in the bay and solve this problem forever or maybe keep it real by being minimal.

Its all good. No money No honey. At least I will not get diabetes 😂


Lord Kuber stole money from the devil’s wild child. Now God is indebted.


Earlier this year Bablow was given a beach house in Hanalei bay n his only job was to teach ukulele to the grand son of Wilcox family n do yoga n play piano with the mom.
The family laid red carpet for thirdeyebull but he motto is that even if u have the best he looks for better.

Wilcox family owns Hawaii like Adanis own India.


Couldn’t stay there also.

A Bengali Baul who is bought up in Delhi


Kalki-Nostradamus (a French Prophet) calls him as Immortal Ruler. As per his predictions, whose more than 85% predictions came true, has predicted that so called Immortal ruler will come by 2022 – 2025, probably after beginning of WWIII. As per Nostradamus, Ruler will take birth in South India.

Have been following Nostradamus since the age of 8 and his deciphered predictions keep thirdeye much in sync with current times.
While a normal human being is chasing money, pleasures of life thirdeye has been in the pursuit of magical beings and vortexes which enhances his meaning to life.


Decade of Goa-Bali-Hawaii
All he did was just get high
Chasing rhinos in the sky
Finally in Tiruvannamalai

Diamond head Sayan and Carona town
Best of the best u wear that crown
At the end same story round and round
Tiru is where he hit the ground

He learnt to fly before he could drive
He was Lucy with diamonds in the sky
Alien spotting is his hobby
All decoded and kept in his floppy

What u chased you got already
Starting the divine game player 1 ready
In the ethereal world He can get what he wants
True feeling of the rose is in its thorns

He is yet to blow his horns
By then it will all be bye gone all be a bye gone

Government of Palau and Ripple Partnership

Tridib was instrumental in introducing blockchain and crypto to the Government of Palau. As a result of his efforts, Palau is proceeding with implementing crypto and blockchain in their systems.

The government of Palau is set to launch a pilot project for a U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin, the Palau Stablecoin (PSC), which will be issued on the XRP Ledger. The stablecoin’s initial release will see PSC disbursed to government employees.

The release comes after days of testing with volunteers making purchases with various devices. The stablecoin, nicknamed the Kluk, is the latest project that runs on the Ripple central bank digital currency (CBDC) platform that launched in May.

When the platform launched, Ripple said it was in negotiations with more than 20 global governments on issuing their central bank digital currencies. Ripple’s partnership with Palay, however, predates the platform’s launch, as it was announced back in 2021.

Located amidst the islands of the Oceania region in the Pacific Ocean, Palau is a tiny island nation home to just over 18,000 residents. Notably, Palau employs the U.S. dollar as its national currency and has a digital residency program.

The Bull will Strike Again

Resting from 9 month globetrotting adventure to come n do his works in motherland cause this promise was made in his life and death trail in Kalalao valley where he was given another life n chance to full fill the prophecy laid on him.

The bull had said good bye to the world, said his last prayers while hanging on the cliff with a 800 ft drop straight into the pacific ocean.
If the fall to the rocks wont kill him, the waves would n if not the waves the sharks for sure.

He said his final good bye to the world and as he was about to loose his grip n fall into ocean to be eaten by sharks but then came the hand of god which made him sign a deal with God to send him packing to the Djinn city And motherland to finish his karmic dues.

There was no reason for bull to go back.

He is facing a 20 year jail term for 4 blotters which he didn’t even have n this case was a final straw to make his mission of sovereignty a dream project for his fellow human beings.
He got out by programing into the dream time of the judge.

He was living in Hanalei bay with the Wilcoxes and moved in with Wilcoxes’ daughter who opened her house and heart waking up to the majestic beach life of Hanalaei bay home ‘n in the island of Kauai which is home to Facebook owner mark Zuckerberg himself and stones throw from Thirdeye’s landed pad there..

Zuckerberg lives in the island of Kauai ‘n his team literally programs your waking time in our generation. A story which Thirdeye will share in the next post.

But once Thirdeye makes a deal with the spirit he never turns back ‘n so he left Kauai with a heavy heart to continue his mission in India and will finish this story by October 2023.

If someone can its Thirdeye.

What can u do with a man who has left all barriers of fear behind him, broken all rules for a man enslaved in old dogmas n rules of prehistoric out dated laws 100s of year old which don’t serve humanity anymore.
Yes he is dangerous to the society ‘n is infectious and he will keep rolling on.

He is slowly coming back to earth from 20k mics of luciness which helped him complete the Kalalao trail to see what heaven looks life after death only to be picked up by a helicopter cause Thirdeye is not yet destined to live naked on the beach with angels of paradise eating the ecstatic fruits from the garden of Eden.

‘Live wild, adventurous, dangerous ; then boredom cannot exist. The new man will live dangerously, like wild animals,like trees in a forest , not as trees in a British garden.
One should be also a little raw, a little wild , ready to live in insecurity, ready to risk , always ready to take the challenge of the dangerous.
Then life is every moment an ecstasy and boredom disappears.


Surfers’ Paradise Bay

Yes I

The bull travels to unravel his past life associations. Hawaii is one of em and the Bull had past life karma there. Still in awe of the experience especially with The Winstons and The Wilcoxes.

The bull had a dream to see Hawaiian royalty and life got him to be with Darcy Wilcox who is the heiress to the Wilcox empire( courtesy Murari who was thirdeyebull chief IT guy a decade ago.

The bull serenaded her with his music and vibes and soon had a raunchy rendezvous.

She loved him but the bull loved her being a Wilcox and got to live the missionary royalty life.

The bull has this magic to charm and get into anyone’s heart and he has done it before with people who are famous names on this planet.

Those who can show the bull uncharted territories of adventure and fun he will bless them with bliss.

A very short brief stint cause the bull can get anything but can he keep it no…..he is a rolling stone…..and he knows everything becomes stale for him. Most logical people would say he is mad to leave the paradise and come back to India especially being in with The Wilcoxes but once he has climbed the peak he looks for the next peak to climb. Its his journey in life.

And you know while climbing one peak to another you have to live quiet a few deaths and go down to the depths of Valleys. This has been the journey of thirdeyebull life which he will share before he commits digital suicide and go to the world of telepathy.

Just for everyone ones information “The Bull” was an advocate of Bitcoin and decentralization back from 2010.

He thought that if even 1 percent of the entire black money goes to this alternative class it would rise infinitely and it was a no-brainer.

At one point he was managing over 1 billion in Assets worth in today value.

Google Tridib Nandy and bitcoin and you will know more!

He has helped 100s of people become millionaires with his investment tips.

Since 2020

Wilcox family is one of the owners of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay and manages the Zuckerberg Estate and are close to Mr.Z.

Mark Zuckerberg lives on the island of Kauai and Zuckerberg foundation is run by the Wilcox family.


This life has been nothing short of magicness to still be living ,breathing,freedom to move, countless blessings from loved ones.
His being and mission on earth is to spread love and joy to all who pass his way or to those he comes.

Today its been exactly 2 years when the entities came and wanted to put thirdeyebull behind iron curtains for 2 decades but bengali baba harnessed the powers from the divine with his beloved beings and put an end to the tyranny with truth,love,prayers and inception which left everyone surprised in the system. With meditation,yoga and prayers Thirdeyebull went into the dream time of the so called excellency of the wrecked systems and made do the impossible in the history of the country.

The goddess came and sat on the tongue and she made the impossible verdict.

Thirdeyebull has always been the guided and shown the path and he will now exercise this power and share this with all who comes his way.

But be honest with yourself and know what you want from life and just whisper it to Nandy and the bull will send the message to Shiva. When it comes from the heart the message will be guided by the third eye and sent to the lord of thirdeye “Shiva”.

Rest are all Siddhis and Worldly tricks which the bull has been pulling off but now with higher purpose.



Enlightened Madness

A mad man doesn’t know that he is mad and similarly an enlightened man doesn’t know he is enlightened. Both are living the bliss of divinity inside and your projections are what you perceive. It’s not them but yourself. Both in their own respect are pure source of entertainment which is entering attainment.
All Mass-ters are next level spiritainers.
Infact aim is that all become masters and captain of their souls so that no direction is ever needed as you have reached home.
Arise, awake and work till your goal is reached.
Chase Chase Chase
Its a rat race
Its a good starting base
With time a passing phase
When you taste bliss
Pleasure realm is a piss
Nothingness is the key
To just be.


Monday Morning Blues

There was a time when he would go all over the planet with setting up flying school contracts ,airbus n Boeing simulator trainings and leasing Choppers n jets n airbuses.
His company helicopaviation help trained Indias first 100 helicopter pilots Helicop Aviation with Hawaii based helicopter company Mauna Loa Helicopters until the day he discovered Blockchain technology and Bitcoin in 2011 on a year long sabbatical in Hawaii.
7 years of meditation, play, travel, fun, introspection and meeting global players in the game made him think that its just another game play.
The result has been decided by big tech companies who will be your future governance in times to come.
So he went around the world working for indigenous and Sovereign communities using all the bitcoin money to educate and power the sovereign movements.
In the process he did quiet a few of ceremonies with the indigenous sovereign beings to initiate his welcome in their cult.
At the same time he was the first to devise CBCD protocols for governmente and get pilot projects in 2018 with pacific countries.
I personally know and feel that governments have lost the game of money and they will try their best but its over now.
And now in 2021 he is now doing a crypsonic project where he is working on a protocol and believes that the monetary system could be based on tokenization of sound.
If you can approach sound in a way where we could tokenize the Value of music and give power to the artists who in most cases are actually living good in my opinion but could be better with new systems in place then the average median life of humanity would be way better.
Bufo baby aka Thirdeyebull in mission to keep rock n rolling in this pretty world with all those who still believe that no matter what happens we will be a witness to all the happenings around us no matter how dirty it gets and music, arts and entertainment will keep the human cleanse on.
Its all an illusion and gameplay in the end.
However we still gotta do our karma and keep up with the eternal game.
This cycle of birth and death and the living dream of everything is between is quiet an evolutionary process of constant on and offs.
Its all a programmed video game. The mission is to find the programmer.