Tridib, the revolutionary

Tridib has always been the ecumenical rebel in the sense of pushing the limits of conventional reality as we know it. Never satisfied with simplistic answers, he has always held out against what is called popular opinion, seeking instead to define his own path, his own way of doing things. From a certain perspective it would be called contrarian, but from his perspective, it has all been about experimenting and finding out for oneself.

It has been in this vein that Tridib’s journey has taken him through myriad experiences and up to life’s fringes. Always a daredevil, Tridib hasn’t backed away from a good adventure, a trait that has often times even found him on the wrong side of the law, although unwittingly. From the cold of Scandinavia to the sun kissed beaches of Hawaii, this world nomad has suffice it to say, seen it all.

Ever at the fore, he has never shied away from the public’s eye be it from playing main stage at a concert, as captain of the tennis team or dating blondes. From crashing graduation dinners of rival colleges to streaking naked across the Hotel greens, being chased by the guards, Tridib or Nandy as he is called, has had quite a colorful bouquet of experiences to talk about.

He’s even sneaked across country borders without official government approval and sailed the high seas in luxurious yachts, or smoked the best herb in Jamica with the legendary Steve DeAngelo, his experiences are as varied and diverse as his talents.

Tridib has seldom been comfortable with the status quo, no matter what the rules, the rules that would prevail are his own. It is from such a history and backdrop that Nandy had walked into a myriad of entrepreneurial experiences in the fields of education, aviation, insurance and blockchain. It was blockchain really though that has held his fancy and he has spent the large part of the last decade neck deep in knowing, understanding and executing cutting edge projects in this field.

Why blockchain? Well because it a buzz word that represents in a way a true democratic alternative to the way things were done and of-course because printing money has been a pet obsession of Nandy since his childhood days. He’s finally had his chance of printing currency with the Bull Run Coin which is plans to use as a way to make his ultimate dreams a reality but more importantly in helping his friends, family and extended networks achieve their dreams and include them in his heady of a journey.

Tridib is someone who is a walking talking contradiction and to many he may even come across as mad or crazy, but it is said that there is a fine line between insanity and genius. An artist by design, he is equally adept at the guitar as he is when it comes to sealing billion dollar deals. He is a man of many talents and many passions and he tries to live a self actualized life through what he does.

At other times he’s walking the metaphorical tightrope while juggling his myriad activities. Keeping pace with him can seem daunting at times. Living life on the edge is his motto or at least used to be. He’s had many a close scrape, once even getting away with his life and at another time spending a month in prison.

Of all things, no matter what the motivation, he always comes from a good place and his core principle is to not cause harm to anyone in any shape or form.

So who is Tridib really then anyway? He is whatever and whoever you consider him to be. Hi is a revolutionary.

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